Wire Work Jewelry

Our guest on this episode calls herself an “Artrepreneur.”  She came up with that term when she first started her own jewelry business called ATOH (A Touch of Heart).

She loves to craft and try her best to go out of her comfort zone. She found her niche which is card making and her favorite style, which she just recently discovered, is making bulk cards.

ATOH – 2015 – February 2020

She started making accessories as a hobby and gave them as gifts to her relatives and friends. When she started to receive orders, she decided to turn it into a business.  And this lasted from 2015-February of 2020. 

Papier Manila – 2016 – Present

She established this business with a focus on paper crafts: small gift/souvenir boxes, cake toppers, labels and invitations.

She slowly wanted to transition to selling cards instead but she was getting more orders for souvenir and gift boxes. And the business continued grow and still gaining as we speak.  She has a Shopee account so you can defitnitely check it out.  She has also been a speaker twice over for Domuschola International School last last year and this year to give a talk about online business where she represented Papier Manila.

Craft Create Swap Club  – February 23, 2021 – Present was born.   A lot of our team bahay are actually proud members of CCS as we fondly call it.  And we will ask Ms Marie later to expound about the Club. 

And so without further ado, let’s all welcome, Ms. Marie Michelle Vicente.