Mommy Guide Inc is Mommy Lala’s passion project.  She created Mommy Guide Inc about a decade ago but never really had the time to create content for her wonderful children were still very little and took up most of her time and effort.

This year- in early January 2021, amidst the pandemic, she intentionally created content via live-streaming at least twice a week.  To date, there are about 160 plus videos on the channel – mostly crafty content as Mommy Lala is truly an avid crafter.

Her different passions as a mom, a creative and crafty person, an entrepreneur and more are also very evident in this site.  Some of her products are available for sale including classes and other workshops that Mommy Lala herself teaches herself or in collaboration with others.  

Fun and creative crafty products are also available as well as lots of Organic products like candles, soap, shampoo bars/conditioner bars, personal and home cleaning and scents products are available as well. 

Look around and it is our hope and prayer that you will have tons of learning, shopping and watching fun.

More learning, fun and creative content can definitely be expected in the future.

Thank you for dropping by at Mommy Guide Inc!