10 Commonly Ignored Accessibility Issues

What is accessibility? And why is it important?

In this Crafty Night episode we will have with us Stephy Hogan of Accessible Design Lab to guide us thru our many questions specifically in identifying 10 Commonly Ignored Accessibility Issues that we make when we create designs for our presentations and products.

As creatives, Accessibility is a concept that we should all be aware of. It can actually help us improve our designs to make it more inclusive. This is a very exciting but often missed out concept so don’t forget to join us on December 15 / 8PM Philippine Time/ 7AM EST/ 6AM CST

Stephy’s Socials and Web: https://stephyhogan.com/speaking https://accessibledesignlab.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcSIaAgUW3RLq5jRVAUHP_Q https://twitter.com/stephyhogan https://www.facebook.com/accessibledesignlab

Stephy’s Upcoming events: Global UXUI Summit Feb 10, 2022 Talk: Become an Accessible Design Superhero https://events.geekle.us/ui/ FREE! The Design + PowerPoint Summit March 10-11, 2022 Talks: Designing and Delivering Inclusively, Making Accessible PowerPoint Documents https://creativepro.com/design-powerpoint-summit/ $695

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