Live Streaming Tech Issues With Sammy Super Star

Have you been wanting to do some livestreaming yourself? You may not know it but you probably have been on tons of messenger chats/ facebook live / zoom meetings and the like – and that is in a way live streaming!

On this episode we talked about my own journey – specifically my tech issue journey as a newbie live streamer.

Joining me was Sammy Super Star also known as Sammy Super Cool.

Sammy Super Star is a content Creator and live streamer. He has been a content creator for over 7 years. He has interviewed some of the top content creators that has over 100K+ Followers on Social media. So you would think that he is probably about my age – no – he is actually quite young – not even considered an adult here in the Philippines. But he is very very good when it comes to tech.

Sammy lives in New Jersey and livestreams weekly – Tuesdays every 9am Philippine time.

Sammy Super Star’s Socials:

You Tube: Sammy Cool


Twitter: Sammy Cool