Welcome to Crafty Nights, the ultimate crafting show for creative minds! In this special Father’s Day episode, join our host Mommy Lala from Mommy Guide as she welcomes two special guests, Dennis Merano and Carlos Pineda, for a night of crafty fun.

Dennis Merano, the Business Development Manager of Design Plus, brings his expertise to this awesome collaboration by inviting over one of Design Plus’ Print Broker – Carlos Pineda of Guhit at Gawa. Watch out for announcements as well from Dennis Merano on promos and events for Design Plus.

Carlos, one of the masterminds behind Guhit at Gawa, has been working in design and marketing teams since 2011. Just this year, Carlos and his partner Cheenee established their design studio, Guhit at Gawa, which focuses on creating better brands, graphic design, printing, and social media content for local businesses, restaurants, and other food brands. His expertise in design and branding brings a fresh perspective to the their clients.His passion for creating better brands and graphic design will add a fresh perspective to this special Father’s Day episode. Together, Mommy Lala, Dennis, and Carlos will guide you through a series of exciting DIY projects perfect for celebrating Father’s Day.

Learn a guided Father’s Day gift via stop motion animation to be taught and demonstarted by Carlos as an awesome heartfelt and memorable surprise for the special dads in your life. There is a downloadable Father’s Day pdf file exclusively created for us by Carlos and you may wish to print this out and work along side in using these images for the projects tonight.

Crafty Nights is not just a show; it’s an interactive experience. Join the live chat as Mommy Lala, Dennis, and Carlos answer your questions, provide additional insights, and foster a supportive crafting community. Feel free to share your own creations and be inspired by fellow viewers as you embark on this crafty adventure together.

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner looking to explore the world of DIY, Crafty Nights is the perfect place to unleash your creativity and make this Father’s Day extra special. So grab your crafting supplies, tune in, and let Mommy Lala,

Dennis Merano, and Carlos Pineda guide you on a magical journey of crafting and celebration. Subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell to never miss an episode of Crafty Nights.

Get ready for a night of inspiration, laughter, and unforgettable crafting experiences. Let’s celebrate Father’s Day in the most heartfelt and crafty way possible!

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