How Can You Transform Life’s Challenges Into Joy?

How do you handle challenges?  Can you still keep a positive outlook or find joy in the most dire of situations? 

In this episode we learned about how to channel our thoughts and emotions in a positive way when faced with extreme life challenges.

And to help inspire us to overcome life’s challenges in a positive way, we had with us NIKA STEWART.

Before she was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma, an aggressive form of breast cancer, Nika Stewart was a vibrant, inspirational mom, entrepreneur, and women’s business coach. But after her diagnosis and yearlong journey with cancer, everything changed: She became a vibrant, inspirational mom, entrepreneur, and women’s business coach with a renewed sense of positivity, gratitude, and desire to help others face seemingly insurmountable struggles.

Nika created the journal that she will share with us tonight as a tool to help us face adversity with a more positive mindset. If she could go through a double mastectomy and months of intensive chemotherapy and radiation with optimism, positivity, gratitude, and even joy, then surely we can embrace your difficulties with the same mindset.

Nika will unpack with us her Journal which she created in the hopes that we will all find inspiration, tools, prompts, and affirmations to help us triumph over challenges.