Amigurumi: Can We Do It?

AMIGURUMI is  the Japanese art of “crocheted or knitted stuffed toy”.  it comes from the word ami which means “crocheted or knitted” and kurumi literally means “wrapping”.  It is an awesome art similar to sculpting but with the use of thread.
In this episode of Crafty Nights at Mommy Guide Inc – Mommy Lala and her dear Crafty friends will embark on a new crafty challenge – AMIGURUMI.
They all love Amigurumi but can they actually make one? Without any guidance but a set of instructions, threads, and a crochet hook and about 4 hours – will something actually come to fruition?
I created three on this episode – a giraffe, a bunny and a whale that totally looks like a tad pole! Bwahaha!
In the end, some of us were able to create amigurumi outputs some started some totally couldn’t but that’s totally fine because in the end – we all did our best.  And our best is good enough.
Team Bahay – created their own projects – seasoned and newbies tried their best.  You all are awesome!