String Art / Paper Embroidery

Paper Embroidery reminds me of my childhood and my grade school days.  

I remember struggling with String Art but really loving embroidery.  This time around we’re going to use both art forms for our card making process.

We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy makes adding stitching to our paper projects easy.  This rotary stitch piercer creates perfectly aligned holes. It comes in a variety of designs and patterns as interchangeable heads.  

The different piercer heads attaches to the Original Stitch Piercer.

Another great option to make paper embroidery easy is with the use of the Waffle Flower Stitchable  Card set.  Free patterns are available from Waffle Flowers that can be used for these switchable pinking shapes card bases.

Created the ugly sweater, heart and winter hat using the free waffle flower pattern.  I used DMC regular embroidery floss and on the background of the hat I used the silver specialty floss .  It’s so pretty but it took me the whole afternoon to actually finish the tiny background coz it was so hard to use. It kept snagging.

Christmas Hat

Background stitched using DMC specialty glittery silver floss

I used Brutus Monroe Embossing Powder to make the stitched card bases into gold and silver.  I should have done this process first instead of after the stitching so that it has a cleaner finished look.   Something to remind myself of the next time I do paper embroidery.


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