PAIN: What To Do About It

In this episode on Mommy Wellness we talk about Pain and what to do about it.  

Our special guest is Ellie Calhoun of My Body Works!

Many years ago Ellie became a Montessori teacher for preschoolers. In the Montessori system, Maria Montessori understood the connection between activity with the hands and the brain learning.

Soon after becoming a licensed Massage Therapist in 2008, she learned The Rossiter System® of pain relief where Ellie quickly realized how important movement is both in therapeutic work and generally in our life for good health. 

Rossiter led Ellie next to an interest again in movement and walking in particular, which led her  to the study of Core Movement Integration with Josef Dellagrotte.

When Ellie works with individuals, she looks to get rid of the pain using The Rossiter System first, then I help the client understand and practice the movement pathways of CMI and breathing which helps to reduce the incidence of more injury.

The excitement she feels about all she has learned, has turned in to a need to share it, to help others become aware of their own bodies and the ways in which they can help themselves stay well.

Ellie has started her current career as a Massage Therapist. She loves giving massage, and since she also understands the importance of movement education for living a better life her approach becomes more wholistic. 

Ellie strongly believes that if people could get out of pain, move better and breathe better, the world would be a kinder, better place.

If we could be less preoccupied by our pain, we would be more able to consider and attend to others and to the bigger issues in our world.


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