Self Care & Quality Sleep For Better Health & Creativeness


The past year and a half has doubled up every family’s stress levels.  From trying to stay healthy, keeping or jobs, something really important not just for moms but for everyone in the family.  We all know even as a child that getting enough sleep – around 8 hours for adults and more for kids is necessary for good health. 

Our guest on this episode is Kristina Grabnickas.  Kristina is a Nurse Practitioner who developed a sleep program over 10 years ago for the 2ndlargest university in the United States – at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida.

“How to Get a Good Knight’s Sleep Workshop” is one that Kristina did for University of Central Florida’s student body, staff and faculty.

In 2009, she was promoted to the Clinical Director of the health center at the new medical School in Orlando.  From then on she has taught 2nd year med students, faculty and staff on how to sleep better.  On top of this, there are now 2 sleep pods in the school’s library so that med students can nap for their health and their memory.

GOOD SLEEP, GOOD HEATLH, GOOD LIFE – this is the mission that Kristina has and we are so blessed to have had her with us.