Cake Pops 101


On Mommy Essentials on this episode, we are joined by Mommy Lala’s Mommy mentor – Rose Deguito-Domantay, RN.

One of Mommy Rose’s best kitchen creation are her CAKE POPS so much so that for a few years when her schedule still allowed it, she was even able to turn it into a very profitable business. If you want to work along side us here are the materials you need to prepare:

1) Baked Cake

2) Chocolate melt of any kind

3) Frosting of your choice

4) EZ Thin ( to make the chocolate thinner not to thick so it’s easy to dip the dough) or any substitute available

5) Sticks

6) any decoration / choco sprinkles etc

7) stand with holes or styrofoam 8 ) cups to melt the choco 9) microwave / or double broiler to melt the choco