Let’s Learn & Travel Thru Reading

Ms. Joy Veasy better known as Grandma Joy of is our special guest for this episode. 

Joy is a storyteller, e-trip architect and founder of Travel Wity Joy.  Her mission in life is to help transform youth into better readers and global learners through the power of live virtual events.

Joy understands the heart of the 21st century child who loves technology, and loves the excitement of engagement.

Her virtual live trips and programs offer youth the opportunity to:           

  • build confidence through reading events for Pre-K to 2nd grade students

  • Expose 3rd to 8th graders to authors, zoos, museums and world cultures

  • Give high schoolers the opportunity to interact with college recruiters

Some of her accomplishments are:

  • First to produce and coordinate reading series events with the Superintendent of Broward County Public Schools and third grade classes.

  • First to produce live open-heart surgery virtual events in the State of Florida with 18 schools participating and learning in realtiem about medical and surgical operations

  • First to contact and co-host a videoconference presentation with schools on five continents in the following countries: United States, Norway, Australia, Japan and Africa in order to find commonalities in humanity.

Joy continues to look for new innovations to enhance learning.