Effective Ways To Share Our Faith

Are you comfortable sharing your faith?  Would you love to be able to do so without getting scared or anxious?

In this episode we talked about how we can easily share our faith specifically to our kids and other moms.

ANA ZUGHERI is our awesome guest for this stream.  She is the founder & Director of Faith 52 which started as a portable children’s ministry in Houston, TX.

Through Faith 52, she took Sunday School to children whose living conditions prevented them from attending church.

She was born and raised in Mexico and served as a bilingual ministry translator in both missions and church contexts.

She is a Certified Ministry Coach and Kidmin online trainer. She lives by her ministry tagline: love Jesus, obey Jesus, and tell everyone about Him!

She loves making quilts and learn new skills. She is a podcaster and love to cook and being a host. She is the proud mother of two beautiful girls, and most recently, the mother-in-law of a godly man. She has been married to Mickey for 15 years.