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Yes, it’s finally here. Indeed this is the next-level crafting tool that we have been all waiting for – the Altenew Stamping Wheel!

I have been playing with it the whole day and I am so overwhelmed with the many possibilites that this amazing tool can do. In this episode i will show you 6 of my favorite applications using the Stampwheel.

31 Days To Praise God – A Bible Journaling Tool

Ana Zugheri of @Faith 52 was our dear guest.   Ana is the Founder and Director of Faith 52, which started as a portable children’s ministry in Houston, TX. Post-covid, her ministry has pivoted to a different kind of ministry but maintaining the core of her calling to LOVE JESUS, OBEY JESUS and TELL EVERYONE ABOUT HIM!

How Can You Transform Life’s Challenges Into Joy?

Joining us on this episode of Crafty Nights with Mommy Lala and her dear Crafty Friends is Nika Stewart!

“When Life Hands You Limes: Your Journal For Triumphing Over Challenges” will be out soon on both physical book and digital form. This journal was written for us by Nika to inspire us how to overcome challenges by positivity, laughter and many more.