We at MGI are willing partners to the millions of Mommies out there. We are willing to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to improve your chosen vocation – being a Mommy!

Organizing seminars, workshops and training is part of how MGI could help out. Mommy Lala and other Mommies of MGI are currently arranging schedules to make this happen. Listed below are the topics of the different seminars and workshops that we will provide for this year:

• Parenting 101
• Budgeting 101
• Going Into Business
• Turning Your Crafts into a Profitable Business

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About Mommy Guide Inc.

Mommy Guide, Inc. (MGI) is a website primarily for Mommies.
On top of mommies, the site will also provide helpful information for people related to mommies – their children, spouse, parents, cousins, nephews, friends, etc.  In short, it’s for everybody related to a Mom in more ways than one.
Mommies do not come with a working manual and we all had to learn lessons as we forge ahead.   We will try to share with everyone as many possible guides we can come up from other moms’ experiences and our very own Mommy Lala.   Mommy Lala
As the name implies, we will strive to provide guidance to mommies on various topics or situations that most of “us” undergo.  It’s our mission to provide updated and useful information on a multitude of topics – from parenting to business – for mommies of all-walks-of-life.  
MGI will provide online tips and reviews of products, events, and situations important for moms.  It also provides seminars and workshops/activities for various mom-activities in the school, office, church or home setting.  

A special part of the site is Worksheets By Me (WBM) where Mommy Lala and friends from the academe will provide free worksheets which parents can download for FREE.

Another feature of the site is an online store – Samantha’s Keepsakes where toys and other home accessories will be sold.  All of which have been reviewed by either or both Mommy Lala or Sam.
MGI is a treasure throve of information for mommies and their families.  It is our desire and prayer that no mommy is left out.  Everybody needs everybody somehow.

Ask Mommy Lala

When problems arise, we always seek our Mom’s advice. MGI is more than willing to listen to you and help find solutions to your concerns. Occasionally, we will be helped by professionals from various fields of expertise to dish out more authoritative and meaningful advice. In the process, we hope that others in the same situation may also find comfort and solace. Send us an e-mail and we will do our best to help you out.

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