I’ve been wanting to learn how to do Calligraphy for as far back as I can remember but never really got into pursuing it. Thus, when I saw fellow scrapbooker Au Lim posting some of her calligraphy works on her Facebook wall I immediately sent her a private message and asked for a one-on-one class if her busy schedule permits.

calligraphy 01

My Passion My Work

Two years ago, my daughter had a major project for her Sibika Subject. She and her best friend needed to come up with a presentation where they needed to dance to Singkil. Being the always supportive mom that I was, I tried to find a way for my daughter to come up with a presentation that would not require us to bring a whole dance troupe or spend an arm and a leg to do this.

Journey of a Passionate Mommy Makeup Artist

Miles Fong

Every month MGI will feature Moms who we believe may serve as an inspiration for us all. These are moms who are passionate about their chosen field of specialization or profession. Our wish is for all Moms to be equipped and pursue their dreams just like the Moms that we will be featuring.

To kick off this year’s special feature on Mom’s, we will put into focus the life and works of Ms. Miles Fong, aka Mommy Miles to us at MGI.

Personalized Memo Boards

Reminders are a constant must for people on the go! With the advent of technology, almost every mobile gadget that people own, especially their mobile phones have a reminder application of some sort.

However, there are still some who prefer the old way of reminding themselves of important things or dates to remember. The traditional “bulletin board” or “message board” is still being used by a lot of people.

Beading 101

Beading has been around forever.  It finds its beginnings as far back as when humans found a shell or stone with a natural perforation and began stringing it on a piece of vine to wear around their necks.  Beading has become popular f or its multifaceted use and function.  Some of these beads are worn as religious symbols, others for personal adornment and still others use it just for the fun of it.1


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