Mommy MBA

How to Make A Layered Dessert in a Bottle

I met Cecil at a beading class almost 2 years ago. We both attended the Basic Beading & Wire Workshop of Ms. Mariella of CampBeads Wire-Workshop. We both wanted to learn how to make nice beaded wire jewelry for different purposes. For me it was so i can add beading or wire work to some of the things i personalize. For Cecil it was just simply to find a craft that she can do and hopefully turn it into an additional business venture. After the workshop, we kept in touch through messenges sent via Facebook (FB).

Super Mommy Armie

Armie is proud mommy to three boys – Harold, Andrei and June-June. On top of that she also takes care of her three orphaned nieces. She is a source of inspiration for despite being a solo-parent or a single-mom she is able to provide for her of them and still have time to make sure that she attends our weekly bible studies and serve others in ministry work.

Mommy Armie is also the CEO of Click Graphics and just recently graduated as a Make-up Artist (MUA) from the School of Fashion and The Arts (SoFA). Wait there is more! She is also a mean home cook! Whenever it’s someones birthday or we have an event, we always look forward to the food that she will be cooking! My ultimate favorite is her bagoong and leche flan. Thus, with a little bit of prodding she officially launched these two products last December 2014.

As a solo-parent, she constantly needs to come up with ideas that can support the growing needs of her growing children and nieces. With these new products she hopes that she can also share her passion for good food.

For make up bookings, printing and signage needs and orders and inquiries for her various food products, please contact her at: 0927-6289210. Landline: (632) 509-0053 / (632) 654-0829. Email: click.armie27@ /

Starting a Home for Mommy MBA

Times are hard. And according to some, it may actually get harder because of globalization. Gone are the days that when one country experiences financial problem, it affects only its own citizenry. The financial crisis happening in other nations affect us – the Philippines and the Filipino people. But despite all of these, we as a nation are still able to survive and in our own way thrive. Being tagged as a developing country and not being able to experience the many benefits of other industrialized nations, we have become resilient. Yes, like a Bamboo tree, a Filipino can sway with whatever global crisis there is and still come out unbroken. Thus, the most famous Filipino spirit at work.
This Filipino spirit is at the forefront of every Filipino family. Filipino families have been known for their unique kind of bonding. We value family first and foremost. We derive strength from each other so that no matter what comes our way, we still forge ahead.
Mommies nowadays often have to work alongside the fathers or Dads of the family. This came as a result of Filipino families’ way of adapting to the challenges posed by a more difficult economy. In order to augment the family income and be able to provide for the family, both parents need to work. But for some, this may not be an option. Either by choice or by situation, there are Mommies who cannot work outside of the home. Some may have a number of children that force them to stay behind and take care of the little ones. A helper may not be enough to take care of the children and so they become stay-at-home Moms. Then there are those Mommies who just choose to be a stay-at-home. I am very blessed to have fallen under the last category.
As a stay-at-home Mom myself, I know for a fact that being such is no easy walk in the park. It’s actually more hard work. This way, I would really like to salute these women! They wake up early and sleep late, sometimes very late specially when they still have babies to take care of. Attending to all the nitty-gritty of household work and budgeting can often times be a herculean task in itself. But still, there are those who want to do more. These are the women who have mastered the art of balancing their Mommy acts together. They hope and pray that they could help out the family even further by having their own business.
The How-to’s and various Do’s and Don’ts will be discussed even further in my next article. For now, bask in the knowledge that you, my dear Mommy, can actually be an entrepreneur!

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