Ippudo Launches New Flavorful Dishes

It is no surprise that my daughter Samantha loves Ramen!  She has raved about this Japanese dish many times over in her Facebook Page and mine.  Her favorite local Ramen restaurant is by far Ippudo. We would brave the lines more often than not just to be able to get a table and enjoy the yummy food specially their Shiromaru Motoaji.   This is both our favorite though my brother prefers the spicier variant which is the Karaka-Men.


At Ippudo with family, taken last February 2015

Retail Royalty



Burberry, Hermes, Longchamp, Chanel, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Nine West and many more. These brands would make a retail shopaholic’s head spin like crazy.

They offer guaranteed authentic designer bags, wallets, sunglasses, and other accessories at very competitive prices. They sell these authentic branded items through their online stores in Facebook and Instagram to keep prices always competitive.

The Road to Good Health Part 2: Core Training

Then and Now

Then and Now

A few months after I started Zumba I felt that I needed to add something more to my exercise regimen. Though my weight lost had reached double digit proportions there are still some parts of my body where the fat or the sagging of the skin folds still occur.


And then I met up with an old College friend, Dra Maricar San Buenaventura, who may I say is simply gorgeous until now.  I asked her about her secret and she told me, “Very simple.  Core Training.”  If it was that simple then I want that, too.  So I asked from Dra. Makay as we fondly call her, the contact number of this Core Trainor.

The Road to Good Health Part 1: Zumba

Then and Now

Then and Now


“Fat, black, bulk in a wine barrel room . . .” These words kept popping in my head for quite a while a few months after giving birth to my second child – Jose Luis.


This was a line from a group presentation we had way back in High School called “The Congo.” For a while, I felt like the Congo.  I can laugh about it now but being on the heavy side brought new problems I never experienced before. My knees kept buckling-down on me when I walk.  I find it hard to climb up stairs.  My clothes no longer fit. And there were only 2 local stores I can go to that would carry my new dress size.

Ladies Perfume for Sale

From Ladies Perfumes for Sale, posted by Mommy Guide Inc. on 2/04/2014 (6 items)

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