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My Craft Room-Home Office Makeover Part 2

In my previous article, I showed you a glimpse of what my home office cum craft room looks like right now.You couldn’t imagine the amount of stuff that’s in that room. However, it didn’t look so bad because of some of the great storage solutions I’ve learned from friends along the way. For those who prefer the “zen” kind of look, this article is not for you. Kidding aside, I needed all these things because despite my decision to let go of a lot of stuff, I still ended up with quite a formidable number of things that I cannot let go. These things are stuff that I need to create those one of a kind gift items that Everything By Me would provide.So, sit down and relax as you go through the next part of this article.  I’ve provided some pictures and tips that you may find useful for your own storage problems

My Craft Room-Home Office Makeover

My Craft-Room doubles up as my home office. I fondly call it my war room. Often times, it does look like there’s war in there. But I work well with what I call my “organized chaos” until my “stuff” overtook my room.
I had so much wheeled pulled-out carts that I can no longer move around. My scrapping buddies fondly called it – one-way ticket method. The only way for me or anyone else at that to move around, was to go one person at a time in one direction only.

Mommy on Housekeeping

My own mother and husband would often fondly call me as the “basurera” of the family.  I got labeled as such because of my tendency to cling onto things for the sake of memories and the sentimental value.

As a result, I’ve a house full of stuff!  Toys, scrapbooking stuff, clothes, bags, shoes, and all sort of trinkets seem to come out of every nook and cranny of our modest sized home.

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