The Reason I Jump

The author of the book Naoki Higashida was born a decade before my daughter Samantha Audrey but they have one thing in common – they both fall under the Autism Spectrum Disorder or some may call it Non-specific Developmental Disorder or NSDD.

the reason i jump

The book is basically a Q & A sort of book where a question is asked and an answer is given. The questions given are very common questions that others ask and the author answers. Here is an example:

Why do people with autism often cup their ears? Is it when there’s a lot of noise?

There are certain noises you don’t notice but really get to us…

I truly love both my son and daughter, both diagnosed with ASD, but there are many times that I just can’t seem to relate to them or understand exactly why they can and cannot do certain things like other kids their age.  The book tugged at my heart-strings for I found the questions that the author answered the very questions I wanted my children to answer but sometimes or often times they cannot explain or I cannot understand. Both my  daughter and  I enjoyed reading the book and most of the time Sam would agree to the answers that Naoki gave.  As for me, it just gave me more reasons to just totally love my children and other kids in the same situation.



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