Super Mommy Armie

Armie is proud mommy to three boys – Harold, Andrei and June-June. On top of that she also takes care of her three orphaned nieces. She is a source of inspiration for despite being a solo-parent or a single-mom she is able to provide for her of them and still have time to make sure that she attends our weekly bible studies and serve others in ministry work.

Mommy Armie is also the CEO of Click Graphics and just recently graduated as a Make-up Artist (MUA) from the School of Fashion and The Arts (SoFA). Wait there is more! She is also a mean home cook! Whenever it’s someones birthday or we have an event, we always look forward to the food that she will be cooking! My ultimate favorite is her bagoong and leche flan. Thus, with a little bit of prodding she officially launched these two products last December 2014.

As a solo-parent, she constantly needs to come up with ideas that can support the growing needs of her growing children and nieces. With these new products she hopes that she can also share her passion for good food.

For make up bookings, printing and signage needs and orders and inquiries for her various food products, please contact her at: 0927-6289210. Landline: (632) 509-0053 / (632) 654-0829. Email: click.armie27@ /



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