Ippudo Launches New Flavorful Dishes

It is no surprise that my daughter Samantha loves Ramen!  She has raved about this Japanese dish many times over in her Facebook Page and mine.  Her favorite local Ramen restaurant is by far Ippudo. We would brave the lines more often than not just to be able to get a table and enjoy the yummy food specially their Shiromaru Motoaji.   This is both our favorite though my brother prefers the spicier variant which is the Karaka-Men.


At Ippudo with family, taken last February 2015

We also love the Goma Q, Oroshi Ponzu Gyoza and Ippudo Pork Bun.  So it is with extreme delight that Sam and I got invited to the Ippudo Private Tasting of their three (3) new dishes which would already be available starting today, 15 April 2015.



 Miso Akamaru (Php450 – add nori, tamago and chashu: +Php75)

Miso Akamaru

Miso Akamaru

This new Ramen boasts of thick and wavy noodles.  The torched rolled chashu was a delight for my palette.  It still retained its melt-in-your mouth ‘kinda feeling with a tinge of grilled flavor in it.  I also loved that the vegetables were served really fresh and despite being soaked in the flavorful fusion of miso soup it retained its crispiness.


Fried Chicken Bun (Php 100)

Fried Chicken Bun

Fried Chicken Bun

This dish contains Ippudo’s signature steam bun with glazed crunchy chicken fillet, shredded cabbage, and Japanese mayonnaise.  Sam normally does not eat anything other than Ramen in Ippudo but today she tried the Fried Chicken Bun and immediately became a fan!  She even ate half of mine.  The taste is perfect for children as well as adults.  It’s very tasty and flavorful and the glaze and mayonnaise is just right so it doesn’t overpower the taste of the chicken.


Deep Fried Gyoza (Php210/5pcs.)

Deep Fried Gyoza

Deep Fried Gyoza

Ippudo’s Gyoza is one of their classic dish but this time, this deep-fried favorite is topped with spicy mayo, negi and chili powder on a bed of shredded cabbage.  I loved the added flavor brought about by the addition of chili powder on top of the mayo.  It isn’t too spicy that it dulls the flavor of the Gyoza itself but added a new dimension to the otherwise classic Gyoza taste.


So, which among the three dishes did we love best?  Our fearless answer – none!  Because we loved all 3!  The Fried Chicken Bun and Deep Fried Gyoza was a perfect complement for the Miso Akamaru. Don’t take our word for it.  Try it out for size!



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