How to Make A Layered Dessert in a Bottle

I met Cecil at a beading class almost 2 years ago. We both attended the Basic Beading & Wire Workshop of Ms. Mariella of CampBeads Wire-Workshop. We both wanted to learn how to make nice beaded wire jewelry for different purposes. For me it was so i can add beading or wire work to some of the things i personalize. For Cecil it was just simply to find a craft that she can do and hopefully turn it into an additional business venture. After the workshop, we kept in touch through messenges sent via Facebook (FB).

Cecil lived for a long time and in the United States but a couple of year’s ago she,and her husband decided to go back to the Philippines and live here for good. They own and operate OCCK Architects, Engineers & Builders. But she still wanted to find something that she inspires her creative side. Thus, she tried venturing into other crafts until she tried baking. She immediately fell in love with the craft! She equipped herself by investing in classes to hone her new found skills. She is a very fast learner and true enough barely two months after her first baking class she opened up Frostings & Glazes Cupcakes!

Last December, she was able to accommodate our invitation to help other mommies learn how to come up with a gift that they can easily make and even turn into a business. Mommy Cecil taught Mommy Lala how to make a layered dessert in a bottle and package it so that you can even sell it or give it as a gift. This idea can be used not only during the Christmas Season but for any other occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, debut, etc.

And finally, Mommy Lala & Mommy Cecil with our finished goody creation! If you want to learn how to do this and many other baked goodies, Mommy Cecil does workshops! You can send her your inquiries through her FB page or call/email her at the ff:



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