HK Disneyland Tips Part 2

4. Eat early. All restaurants within the park opens at 11:00 am. So plan ahead where you want to eat and to avoid waiting on getting a table or long queue for food, better be there a few minutes before it opens.

HK Disney 2 - 1

5. Get a Map and a Times Guide. These are available for free once you enter park. Immediately grab one in the language that you want – they have one in different languages. Then start to plan your route or itinerary for the day. Depending on your preference, you can start anywhere. But I suggest that you take note of the different times for shows like the Lion King and Golden Mickey and the parade. There are two parades available right now the one during the afternoon – Flights of Fantasy and the one at night which is quite a new one called – Paint the Night Parade. And of course, the fireworks that would be a fitting ending to your day at the park.

HK Disney 2 - 2

6. Shopping. Disney Stores are everywhere. Kiosks that sell various Disney stuff can be found all over on top of the regular stores. Take note of the daily promotion that they have. Some items may be discounted for that day or a certain period. You can normally check this out at any of the cashier counters in the Disney Stores. As expected everything is a little bit pricey inside the park. They accept cash and credit cards. Your atm or debit card may not be accepted so make sure you inform your local bank of your plans to go to Hong Kong so they can pre-approve the use of your said card there otherwise you may not be able to use it. Visa/Mastercard are accepted.

HK Disney 2 - 3

7. Going There. Hong Kong Disneyland is found on Lantau Island. It takes around 20 minutes from the City Centre to get there by MTR. If you plan to stay in Hong Kong for several days and use the MTR, I suggest you go and get an Octopus Card/Pass. For tourists, they have what they call an On-loan Octopus Card. Initially for adults, you need to pay a total of HK$150, for kids/concessionaire/elderly/senior HK$70. All three cards initial price already includes the deposit of HK$50. The initial stored value for the adult is HK$100 and for the rest is HK$20. Reloads for any of the said card would be a minimum of HK$50. Reloading can be done in any MTR station cashier/kiosk. Another important reminder is that you cannot the Octopus Card with a credit card. Only cash basis only.

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