HK Disneyland Tips Part 1

We normally get the 2-day entrance ticket to Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park. We do this for two reasons – first it’s cheaper to buy a 2-day entrance ticket than to buy individual tickets for single entrance for 2 days. Secondly, it’s not very convenient to cram everything you want to do in a single day. This is specially true if you go there during peak season or the holidays. The queue in some of the famous rides would already take most of your day. Wait times for the rides would vary from 5 minutes on a non-peak season to 60 minutes or more during peak season. Then there’s the line for the food and restrooms as well. Again, this varies depending on the season you go there.
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We get to visit most often than not during the months of March, April, October or December. The obvious reason for this is these are the months where my children have longer school breaks thus traveling is more convenient because we have more time. In March/April the crowds are not that bad for most children from other countries still have school so there’s less visitors. Expect more crowds during the months of October specially December and Chinese New Year.
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Here are some tips that might be helpful for you as you prepare for your travel to Hong Kong.

1. Wear appropriate clothes & shoes. Expect to be doing a lot of walking so wear really comfortable walking shoes or rubber shoes. If you visit during the early months of March, the weather is still a bit chilly normally during the early mornings and night so be sure to bring along a light/heavy jacket or cardigan depending upon your tolerance to cold weather. Latter parts of March and April you can expect the weather to be less cool but more rains is to be expected. Several or most outdoor rides or activities including the parades may be cancelled. So, do make sure to check the weather forecast before you go. October and December the weather is again a little bit cold already. Bring an umbrella and rain coat if you can to protect yourself from the elements if it does rain or become too hot during your stay.

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2. Bring drinks and light snacks. Hong Kong Disneyland allows visitors to bring in non-alcoholic drinks and light snacks. So if you want to save up on food, then it would be wise to pack some biscuits and bottled water for the kids.

3. Fastpass. Fastpass Service is available at Hong Kong Disneyland just like in any other Disney Theme Parks. But there are only two rides where you are allowed to get a Fast Pass and that’s for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh located at Fantasyland and for Space Mountain at Tomorrowland. I suggest you get one already immediately when you enter the park during peak seasons but otherwise, you won’t need one for the wait times would be just 5-15 minutes.

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