I’ve been wanting to learn how to do Calligraphy for as far back as I can remember but never really got into pursuing it. Thus, when I saw fellow scrapbooker Au Lim posting some of her calligraphy works on her Facebook wall I immediately sent her a private message and asked for a one-on-one class if her busy schedule permits.

calligraphy 01

To cut quite a long story short, we did find a common time and went on with the class. Teacher Au’s no-nonsense and unselfish way of teaching me the techniques that she herself had learned made the lesson really worth it. I learned so much from a single class. People who know me truly know how bad my regular handwriting looks like. So I was really scared that I won’t be able to learn this art. But T. Au’s gentle prodding helped me overcome my own fears and i was at least able to finish several pages with more confidence than I expected.

calligraphy 02

My Calligraphy skills is very much a work-in-progress but like any skill, it’s really now up to me to enhance it and become better at it by practicing. As T. Au reminded me, practice, practice, practice!

calligraphy 03

Teacher Au is also a Mommy and if and when her time permits she can do individual or group Calligraphy Class. For inquiries you can email her at She is also a professional photographer and for this you can visit LitratistaShe also co-owns and operate iDeAS with her hubby Erwin. They do signages, laser-cutting etc For details visit their Facebook page.

calligraphy 04



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