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Burberry, Hermes, Longchamp, Chanel, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Nine West and many more. These brands would make a retail shopaholic’s head spin like crazy.

They offer guaranteed authentic designer bags, wallets, sunglasses, and other accessories at very competitive prices. They sell these authentic branded items through their online stores in Facebook and Instagram to keep prices always competitive.

Shopping for bargain is always the best way to go. That has been Retail Royalty’s main objective since its conception during the latter part of September 2013. Guilty as sin, shopping has been our go to stress reliever. And we at Retail Royalty realized that others also feel the same way. So to help those who find relief through shopping – their small business venture began.


History of Retail Royalty

Jesse and Dirky, long time shopping buddies and Dirky’s sister Noriza are the owners and shoppers behind the successful Retail Royalty. They’ve encountered several bumps and grind along the way as they try to come up with products that would cater to the majority of the target market that they have decided to serve. As months went by, competition among other online shops increased but through it all they persevered. They went through the process of innovating not only their product line but services as well.

Personal Shopping Services

Retail Royalty has many items up for grabs in their online store. Recently however, they opened their Personal Shopping Services option. If you can’t see anything you want from the products that they do offer on their online store, you can actually ask them to buy it for you!

They would gladly source it for you and upon an agreed price, shipping terms and details – you can get whatever you want from clothes, to shoes to bags. Name it, they can find it for you and ship it directly to your own doorsteps. How convenient is that! That’s what I call service.

I am an actual happy customer of their Personal Shopping services. I am fond of bags and other nice stuff. But I often find the local prices of these things too high or not available. So, it was a happy accident and surprise that I bumped into their site while trying to look for a particular branded bag that I wanted. After several exchanges we were able to finalize my order and after several days, I was the proud owner of those items.


Where to Find Retail Royalty?

Retail Royalty updates their online store every so often. So if one wants to know or receive updates, simply like their Facebook page and you can be assured that you will receive notification for new items. You can also like them thru their Instagram account or send them a text message or SMS thru 0917-8263925.


For their personal shopping services, you simply send them a PM in their FB or DM thru their instagram account _retail_royalty. And be assured, that within the day you will get a reply from them as to how to proceed.

This month, Retail Royalty is celebrating their 1st year Anniversary! They truly are grateful for their loyal clients and the many more that are learning about their wonderful products and services. So head on to Retail Royalty’s online store or give them a call or text and be assured of a reply all the time.

Christmas is just around the corner, so don’t wait for the hoards of people trying to make their last minute shopping for that one perfect gift for themselves and their loved ones. Be a smart shopper and buy ahead. Be a smarter shopper by getting them through Retail Royalty – where shopping is always a happy and satisfying experience!




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