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Two years ago, my daughter had a major project for her Sibika Subject. She and her best friend needed to come up with a presentation where they needed to dance to Singkil. Being the always supportive mom that I was, I tried to find a way for my daughter to come up with a presentation that would not require us to bring a whole dance troupe or spend an arm and a leg to do this.

While surfing thru the internet, I suddenly thought of an idea. Maybe Sam could just dance to it and a video of her and her best friend could be superimposed onto a video of an existing Singkil Dance. It seemed easy enough for me. But then reality set in and I didn’t know how I was going to execute this. Then I bumped into a Facebook post of Dexter Gamboa. He was a friend in FB because he was my school mate in HS. He posted some of his work at that time as a freelance photographer and videographer! He was an answered prayer. To make a very long story short – Sam and her partner for this project passed with flying colors! Thanks to Tito Dexter Gamboa’s skillful photo/video and editing. After several months, Dexter came onboard to help Mommy Guide Inc now as our resident photographer / videographer / editor.

At East Asia Week - Korean Culture Caravan at UA & P

TAL percussionist

Korea Study Abroad Expo 2014 at UP Diliman

Korea Night – TAL taekwondo and dance performers

Published online by Expat Newspaper Philippines, July 29. 2013

Hangeul Meets Jewelry Exhibit

Published in Style Weekend Manila Bulletin, September 13, 2013

Travel Tour Expo 2014 at SMX MOA

With Jessy Mendiola and fans

Jessy Mendiola

Travel Tour Expo 2014 at SMX MOA

Korea Study Abroad Expo 2014 at UP Diliman

Korea Study Abroad Expo 2014 at UP Diliman

With the Staff and fellow volunteers at KCC (Korean Cultural Center) during the Delight of Korean Animation Character World Exhibit Opening



Post-Typhoon Juan visit - Derek Ramsay

12-HOUR FAMINE - Anne Curtis

Technical Background

Dexter is a Development Communication graduate from the University of the Philippines at Los Baños. His friend and him used to make homemade MTV’s of their favorite songs back in college and short video clips of anything they could think of. During their friends’ and various family events he was always asked to shoot the video. “I think that’s how I started my love of taking videos. When I learned Non-linear video editing or digital editing back in 2003, I worked as video editor in various photo and video studios. When I learned the ropes of the business, I decided to be a full time freelance videographer and video editor in 2006,” Dexter explains.

His client base increased slowly but surely through word of mouth. An example of his long time client is World Vision Philippines. Dexter says that he has been shooting and editing videos for them since 2006 in many of their projects until the present. He is currently one of their video consultants and produce videos for them in many of their major events like the 12 Hour Famine and community visits of famous celebrities and sponsors and many others. Later on in 2013, he also added Photography to his skills.

He is also currently a volunteer at the Korean Cultural Center under the Korean Embassy for more than a year now. He volunteers in many of their events for their goal to share their culture and have friendly relations with our fellow Filipinos. He is currently their main photographer in many of their major events like the Seollal or the Korean Lunar New Year and The East Asia Week held at the University of Asia and the Pacific this February.

Thank you Dexter Gamboa, for being part of Mommy Guide Inc. For lending us your time and expertise to come up with great pictures and videos to support our various articles and features.If you liked this post, please LIKE us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter to be always in the loop whenever we publish new articles or worksheets!



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