The Road to Good Health Part 2: Core Training

Then and Now

Then and Now

A few months after I started Zumba I felt that I needed to add something more to my exercise regimen. Though my weight lost had reached double digit proportions there are still some parts of my body where the fat or the sagging of the skin folds still occur.


And then I met up with an old College friend, Dra Maricar San Buenaventura, who may I say is simply gorgeous until now.  I asked her about her secret and she told me, “Very simple.  Core Training.”  If it was that simple then I want that, too.  So I asked from Dra. Makay as we fondly call her, the contact number of this Core Trainor.


That’s how I met Precious De Leon.  She got her undergraduate baccalaureate degree in Physical Education from my own Alma Mater, University of the Philippines.  She used to be assistant coach also of the UP Integrated School Track and Field Team and Moderator for the Ateneo Grade School Track and Field Club.  On top of that she worked at SPARC Sports Performance Center as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at The Medical City.  She even took up Fundamentals of Professional Cooking at The Academy for International Culinary Arts (AICA) to complement her knowledge about health.


And so the minute that Precious decided to go freelance, I booked myself a spot in her now tight schedule. She came in one lazy afternoon and I was really surprised.  She looked as if she just got out of High School.  Maybe for once Makay made a mistake.  And so I thought.  But was I wrong.  The moment Precious came into the door, she was all business.  I then started to relax and realize that this kid knows what she’s talking about.  Her observations about me and my lifestyle were basically on the dot.  So that first day, she took my measurements!  Yup, it’s a standard thing that she said every client should  undergo so she can develop a specific program for me. Wow, I felt really special.  A special program just for me.  That’s a first.  And so she proceeded with the measurements and after that she started interviewing me about my past and present health conditions. With all the legalities that goes into personal training, we were finally off to the most awaited part of core training. The workout itself.  I felt I could  do it easily.  No sweat!


So she guided me through the warm up exercises. It wasn’t so bad. I made it despite the obvious tightening of my muscles everywhere!  But then, came the planking exercises!  I thought planking simply meant lie down on your belly!  Was I ever wrong!  This few-second long exercise rocked my body like I was having an epilepsy attack.  She demonstrated it and I thought, looked easy enough I can do this I said to myself.  Until I really did try to do it and learned how much harder it is to do it than simply looking at it.


Then that was followed by a series of other lying down exercises and then some sitting and standing exercises. And finally the stretching came which is always my part of the core training that Precious does.  I love that she just asks me to relax and lift and twists certain parts of my body up to tolerable limits.   And finally, the cool down.

Basically this is what Core Training is about.  So I do core training sessions twice a week with Coach Precious and together with Zumba, moderate food intake, enough sleep and water has paved the way to a more gorgeous, leaner and healthier me!


May my year-long journey to good health inspire you my friends and readers to finally live a healthier and happier you this 2014! Again, in everything and anything I do, to our Lord God be all the Glory!

For inquiries about booking a schedule with Coach Precious, kindly text or call her at 0926-4702807 or email her at  And finally, you can even get in touch with her thru her Facebook account.



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