Super Mom : Tale of A Modern Day Heroine

Our second featured mom, for this back-to-back update, is no stranger to life’s hardship.   She became a single-parent to her three sons Miguel, Vince and Ryan in 2004.  As if this wasn’t enough, in 2011, her mom suffered aneurysm.  This too, had put an extra toll on her emotionally and financially.  How she is able to weather the storm head high by God’s amazing grace and her undying faith will surely inspire anyone.  Let’s welcome Mommy Cathy Chua-Ruiz to Mommy Guide, Inc.!




The Calm Before the Storm


Cathy Chua is the eldest amongst three siblings.  She and her sisters, Jean and Julie, had a wonderful and blessed life.  In 1996 she decided to veer away from the family business and went into teaching.   She became a Chinese teacher at Creative Beginners in Greenmeadows.  In the beginning she only had two students, but when other parents learned of this additional class that the school offered, enrollees started to pour in in unprecedented numbers.   They even had to turn down other students due to space constraints.  The school could no longer accommodate them.  Having found this an opportunity presenting itself, Mommy Cathy grabbed it and turned the 50-60 sq m guest room on the third floor of their ancestral home into a tutorial services center.  Business in the tutorial business proved to be very prolific.  In less than a year, she had approximately 50 students and she even had to hire three extra tutors plus convinced her two other sisters to help.  That’s how good the business was.


The Perfect Storm


She was happily married with 2 sons and a third son soon to be born when life decided to take an unexpected turn for the worst and it was all downhill for her and her family for awhile.  This all started in 2004.  This was the same year she became a single parent.


Her happy family had to be shattered because of this unexpected turn of events that left her suddenly as a single Mom to now three boys.  Her decision to enter into the tutorial business sometime in 1996 now provided much needed financial support.  She also took in the part-time job of becoming a financial advisor in Philam Life to boost her income.  Even after giving birth to her youngest son thru Caesarian Section, she had to work immediately.  She was very thankful to her students and their parents for bringing her not just traditional Chinese food for her to recuperate faster but they also had to endure being taught by her in a room that didn’t have air conditioning system.  Chinese tradition prevented her from being exposed to certain conditions for awhile specially after giving birth.


In 2008 and 2009 respectively, eldest son Miguel was diagnosed with having ADD and youngest son Ryan, with ADHD and dyslexia.  Both had to undergo specific intervention therapies to help improve their conditions.


In 2010 she decided to add another “branch” to her growing tutorial services business in the White Plains Clubhouse.  This was the same year she had to give up being a financial adviser for Philam Life to concentrate on her tutorial centers.


In 2011, when life was starting to feel as if the storm has passed, her mom had an aneurysm. The hospital bills on top of other expenses really took a toll on their finances.  Indeed, a perfect storm seemed to have brewed in to her life.  She had no choice now but to help her youngest sister, Julie, in taking over the family business.  They were in the build and sell industry.  It was mostly a very lucrative business and so she and sister Julie decided to continue on with it.

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In early 2012, the stress and burden brought about by trying to take care of her three growing boys and being the financial provider for the family finally took a toll on her health.  The family’s build and sell business suddenly experienced a lull.  Their 6-door townhouse was still unsold.  The tutorial business wasn’t doing that good as well. Thus, they decided to just close the tutorial center branch in the White Plains Clubhouse and just left the one in the house operational.  Youngest sister Julie helped out by becoming a financial advisor for Philam Life.  By God’s amazing grace, she has consistently been one of the top sellers in her agency.   Cathy’s very proud of her.


Prayer Works


Through all of these, Cathy relied on her faith that the Lord will find grace and mercy on her family and awaited with patience for God’s answers.  There were many times she recalled that she would just go to the restroom and cry her heart out to the Lord until the pain went away.  She questioned the Lord for all the pain and hardship that she had to endure.  When she got frustrated with her boys, when life’s burden was just too much, she went down on her knees to pray and just surrendered everything to Him.


In the latter part of 2012, things started to pick up.  She saw the sun peeking on the horizon.  She felt that the Perfect Storm in her life might finally be coming to an end.  The 6-door townhouse was sold completely!  Business was finally becoming very viable again.  From what they earned from this, Mommy Cathy and sister Julie bought a lot in Batasan Hills and decided to start their next build and sell project. This one is almost 80% complete and is already up for sale. On top of this, the Lord had pressed upon her heart and provided her with all the means to finally move the family later this year to a new location in the South.  Life is exciting again and hope abounds.  Mommy Cathy thanks the Lord for the protection and guidance.




Mommy Cathy and Julie joined me in the latter part of last year in Zumba.  Being part of a Cheer Group back in her ICA days, she found Zumba a really nice way to stay fit and bring forth happy hormones!  And she’s very good at it.  In a single session, she can memorize all the steps.  I often wondered how she did that?  I’ve been going to Zumba class far longer and I can’t even memorize one whole routine.  Truly, I can’t help but be amazed.  She said that before, she used to cry when she becomes sad and lonely.  Now, she does ZUMBA! She adds that its her happy pill!


Mommy Tips


How does mommy Cathy cope with 3 growing boys?  Her eldest Miguel is now in HS and the two other boys Vince and Ryan are both in grade school.  She tells me that her boys were used to “facing the wall” when they were younger.  They also got disciplined by a “spanking rod” when the need arises. Again, this was done when they were really young.  Despite her very busy schedule she always finds time for her boys.  She’s always in all of her children’s events and supports their love and passion for sports and the arts.  Miguel is now in a band and she supports that completely! They always eat and go to church at the same time.  No matter how hungry one is, meals cannot be started unless everyone is at the table.  They really practice, the family that eats together, stays together.


In parting, I would like to thank you very much  Mommy Cathy for allowing us to feature you in our site.  You’re willingness to tell-all and just allow your life’s testimony to help others who might be going through something similar as a point of inspiration and hope is truly a blessing.  We continue to pray and support you and your family at Mommy Guide, Inc.  God bless you, Mommy Cathy!

The property shown above is 80% complete. For interested buyers/ inquiries, kindly send an email to :  or text or call:  0917-8012287.



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