Beauty Becomes You

One of our featured mommy for the month of February is someone born on the same day as I was.  Thus, we often tease each other about this.


I met her about a year ago.  We both love attending Zumba classes and we’re both moms.  I guess you might say the similarity ends there.  I often wondered in the past how come she still attends Zumba classes and does other exercise regimen when in fact she’s already very slim.  I can never probably go down to the size she is in right now.  Then she lovingly says to me one day – for health reasons.  She said that if she doesn’t visit the gym she feels sluggish.  So, she goes to the gym especially to Zumba classes to stay healthy.


Our featured mom is none other than Ana Roces.  She started out as a young child actress and we fondly remember her as part of the Tuesday Group of That’s Entertainment.  This was a very popular afternoon variety show which I myself was an avid follower.


She starred in Regal Films and Viva Films produced movies specifically, Alabang Girls, Kadenang Bulaklak, and Oo Na, Sige Na. She also starred in telenovelas specifically Ana Karenina which was aired in GMA 7.  She is also currently the product endorser of Facial Care Centre.


Mommy Ana is no beginner when it comes to the talk of “beauty.” She is in fact a very beautiful person, inside and out.  I didn’t expect her to be so down to earth and unassuming despite her status as a TV/movie actress.


Yes, Ana is a mommy. She is also loving wife to husband Trandy who supports her willingness to pursue whatever career path she takes.  They just agree that as a family – they know their priorities and that’s family first!


Being a mom to two growing up school-aged children is no easy task.  Mommy Ana is very hands-on specially when it comes to safety and the children’s academics.  She tries as much as possible to make her appointments and tapings within acceptable hours so that she can still attend to the needs of her family.  Her concerns are just as similar as other working Moms.  Time management tops her list of worries, then there’s the family’s health, her husbands needs and so on and so forth.  So for someone who is a much known actress she’s very low profile.


So what is Mommy Ana involved in right now?  She is currently formally setting up her own Image Consultancy Business.  She has been doing Image Consulting for a few years now but this year she plans to focus on it more.  Her passion for the business started in 2010.  That time, she was planning on putting up her own salon or make-up label.  But then, Image Consulting, sounded even better.  She didn’t waste any time after this.  She armed herself by going to school both here and abroad.  She studied make-up artistry from Center for Aesthetics Studies (CAS)-Manila.  She graduated from a distance learning course in Image Mastery from the International Image Institute of Ontario, Canada where her professor is none other than Ms. Karen Brunger, AICI, CIP.  From there, she went to Etiquette School of New York for her Corporate Etiquette and Protocol diploma.


Now, Mommy Ana is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International.  At the end of the day Mommy Ana says she feels most fulfilled after an image consulting training / workshop when she sees that in her own little way she is able to assist in the growth of the client.  And she finds pride and accomplishment when she sees that her clients have applied what she has taught them and see that they love and accept themselves more because of what they learned!


Next week, February 22, 2014, she will be facilitating “Beauty On Top,” an Image and Basic Hair/Makeup Workshop.  This one is in partnership with MakeupOne Philippines.  Participants will learn and appreciate Image enhancement as well as practical makeup application and hair fashion.  I am so excited about this.


For more details and registration, please call 622-9028 or email them at  Last few slots available. Very limited participants can be accepted.


Finally, when I asked Mommy Ana what her last piece of advice will be for moms young and old alike.  She gladly said these words:


“As moms we need to understand that this generation is really challenging.  This generation espouses two-income household as the norm.  As such we are faced with the hard reality that as moms we still need to find the balance between our careers and our lives as home-makers.  Children grow up so fast and they not only need our financial support but more important than that one is to provide them with the spiritual, emotional and physical guidance they need.  In the end, we should try to find a balance.”



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