Personalized Memo Boards

Reminders are a constant must for people on the go! With the advent of technology, almost every mobile gadget that people own, especially their mobile phones have a reminder application of some sort.

However, there are still some who prefer the old way of reminding themselves of important things or dates to remember. The traditional “bulletin board” or “message board” is still being used by a lot of people.

These boards need not just serve as a place to pin reminders or important dates. It can also provide a source of inspiration! Thus, I have below samples of how my and my daughter Samantha’s personalized memo boards look like

Mommy Lala's personalized memo board.Samantha's Corner personalized memo board

The look of these boards change every now and then based on our own needs and preferences.


Mommy Lala's personalized memo board Mommy Lala's personalized memo board


Details on Samantha's board Details on Samantha's board

It’s constant work in progress, just like many things in our lives.

memo board mommy lala inspiration

But several things are for certain – it helps organize our thoughts and inspire us often!


We hope that this would inspire you to make your own and jazz it up according to your hearts desire!



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