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Personalized Memo Boards

Reminders are a constant must for people on the go! With the advent of technology, almost every mobile gadget that people own, especially their mobile phones have a reminder application of some sort.

However, there are still some who prefer the old way of reminding themselves of important things or dates to remember. The traditional “bulletin board” or “message board” is still being used by a lot of people.

Beading 101

Beading has been around forever.  It finds its beginnings as far back as when humans found a shell or stone with a natural perforation and began stringing it on a piece of vine to wear around their necks.  Beading has become popular f or its multifaceted use and function.  Some of these beads are worn as religious symbols, others for personal adornment and still others use it just for the fun of it.1


Happy Father’s Day!

Barely a month after we’ve honored our respective Mother’s, it’s now the other half of our parents special day – Father’s Day!

Just as we treasure and love our mothers, our father’s deserve as much. So this year, do not forget to plan or do a special something for your one and only Dad, Father, Papa, or Tatay!

Here at MGI and EBM we would like to greet all you wonderful Father’s this year thru this poem:

Happy Father's Day!


Samantha’s School Lunch Woes!

The rains have started to come almost on a daily basis and the arrival of the first typhoon a week ago signaled the official start of the rainy season in the country. Most often than not, the start of the school year also coincides with the start of the rainy season and this year is no different.

By this time most of us parents who have school-aged children are probably back to school already!

Father’s Day Projects

This Father’s Day, let’s give the special men in our lives something personalized and useful by you! Below are some DIY gifts for Dads this Father’s Day. We have included a step-by-step instruction on how to do it. Feel free to put in your own creative suggestions to the suggested gifts and personalize them further! For those who do not have the time to prepare something special maybe you can find a personalized gift for them.

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