My Craft Room-Home Office Makeover

My Craft-Room doubles up as my home office. I fondly call it my war room. Often times, it does look like there’s war in there. But I work well with what I call my “organized chaos” until my “stuff” overtook my room.
I had so much wheeled pulled-out carts that I can no longer move around. My scrapping buddies fondly called it – one-way ticket method. The only way for me or anyone else at that to move around, was to go one person at a time in one direction only.
My old method also made finding things too long. If I needed a certain embellishment or stamp or anything that I need for a project, it would often take me several minutes at least just to find where I placed it. A lot of my stuff is either stored in boxes inside the cabinets and yes, the carts that dominated my room.
Then, it hit me. The only way to go was up! I didn’t have any more horizontal space available but I had a lot of wall space up to the ceiling. That made me think of putting in slat boards on one side of the room. The other side is already lined up with floor to ceiling bookshelves so I was left with the side parallel to it to put in my slat board.
A dear friend and scrapbooking mentor, Melody Chan, gave me the contact number of her supplier for slat board and that very same day I got my slat board installed! On top of just giving me information about where to buy the slat board, Melody also gave me more than enough slat board shelving and several hooks to start with.
Now, all my embellishments – stickers, chipboards, rub-ons, etc. are already hanging and within arms reach. The same is true for my stamps, stamp-accessories, and even some of my dies for die cutting are also now readily available. I was able to remove around 6 rolling carts and almost all the stuff from the cabinets are now out in the open.
My craft room cum home office is still a little bit cramped but I love it! I have been very productive so far and inspired to work more than before. My kids also love to drop by and join me once in awhile.In my next article, I will give a detailed description of the things I used in my craftroom organization, how much I spent, and where I got them. So, keep on visiting MGI for more updates. Better yet, subscribe to our site so you can get the latest feeds all the time!



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