My Craft Room-Home Office Makeover Part 2

In my previous article, I showed you a glimpse of what my home office cum craft room looks like right now.You couldn’t imagine the amount of stuff that’s in that room. However, it didn’t look so bad because of some of the great storage solutions I’ve learned from friends along the way. For those who prefer the “zen” kind of look, this article is not for you. Kidding aside, I needed all these things because despite my decision to let go of a lot of stuff, I still ended up with quite a formidable number of things that I cannot let go. These things are stuff that I need to create those one of a kind gift items that Everything By Me would provide.So, sit down and relax as you go through the next part of this article.  I’ve provided some pictures and tips that you may find useful for your own storage problems

Handy-Dandy Rotating Caboodle

There are things that I just need in almost all the things that Ido. Thus, these things should always be at arms reach. I love this rotating caboodle kit from Making Memories! I got this from a local scrapbook store, Lasting Impressions. Can you see how much stuff it can hold? Truly amazing. It holds most of the different kinds of mini hand tools that I use like scissors, 3M double-sided adhesive gun, crop-a-dile, etc. The drawers actually hold other stuff like paper clips, small screws, brads, eyelets, etc.

Slat-wall Paper Holders

Beneath my hanging embellishments are slat-wall paper holders that can hold papers as huge as 12”x12”.  I place projects that are in-process on these shelves.  It also carries some of my chipboard embellishments and transparencies.  These slat board paper holders were gifts of love from Melody.  Thanks sis!

Rolling Table

This rolling table is just the perfect size for my desktop computer.  And it fits perfectly under the final row of paper holders hanging from my slat board.  Since it can be rolled, cleaning the under of the table is a breeze!

See-through/Transparent Bottles

These bottles are really Prima Flower containers.  However, an old friend shared to me the fact that these bottles are actually very similar to the Starbucks Cappuccino bottles.  Thus, I am able to recycle used Starbucks Cappucino bottles and use them as an additional storage for my paper flowers, buttons, and many more.

Spice Racks

These white ladder-type extendable holders are actually spice rack holders which I got from Make Room.  It can extend horizontally up to about 24” long so you can double the storage space capacity for this neat little gadget.  It ended up in my craft room however, rather than in the kitchen.  Here I am able to not only store but showcase also these beautiful flowers from Prima.  On the other end of the rack is where some of my 7 Gypsies stamps are stored.

Rolling Pull-out Carts

These are staple must-haves for my craft room / home office.  As you probably have realized by now, almost all the storage containers and furnishings that I use have wheels.  I need them to have wheels in order for the underneath to be cleaned.  This way, my papers and other stuff will be protected from the usual problems of dust.  Also, having wheels make them easier for me to move around in the event that I need to re-organize or just need extra space for whatever reason.

These carts hold the numerous patterned and solid card stocks of varying weights and sizes that I have.  To protect my papers from dust and other elements, I put them in ziplock plastics before I put them in.  My papers are also arranged first by size, then by color for solid ones and then by manufacturer and product line for patterned paper.  This way, when I need to use a certain color, pattern or design, I would be able to find them fast.

Some of the carts I use can be bought from True Value or Ace Hardware.  The other carts especially those that carry most of these carts can be bought from your local department stores.

Tin-Can Buckets

These tin can buckets can be bought in your local craft stores or in Divisoria for those who live in the Philippines.  They can come in various sizes and designs.  Mine is a mix and mis-match of things that I love so there’s no sense of harmony for those who would look closely but then again, I love them that way!  Yes, in your decorating or organizing you don’t need to be as technically correct in your color scheme unless you really want to.  Whatever makes you happy or content is good enough.  I use these to store various knick-knacks from pens and pencils to buttons and ribbons.

Breakfast  Bar Table turned Craft Table

This is by far my favorite piece of furniture in my room.  It’s supposed to be a breakfast bar table but I knew the first time I saw it that it would serve as my craft table.  It has a side panel that can be turned up to make the table bigger.  This table has drawers on its side and a 2-layer cabinet takes up the rest of the space below.  It stores most of my crafting tools like my big shot, paper trimmers, cricut, etc.  Then, I found this really cool bar stool from another furniture store.  Again, the stool and the table are not a perfect match but it fits me perfectly well!  I love dark wood and bleach wood equally.

Pen, Markers, Highlighters

I love pens, markers, and highlighters.  I use them often enough thus, I’ve got quite several of them.  These need to be stored on its side (horizontally) so that it won’t bleed in time.  This cool pen holder was from a friend’s craft store where she used to store her pens and markers that were for sale!

Fabric Flowers and other Embellishments

These magnetic metal holders are really cool!  I  got them from an P88 store.  The bottoms of these cans with glass covers have magnets thus, you can actually hang them on its side if you want to as long as the material where they will be hanged from is made of metal.

Loose stamps and other trinkets

I’ve stamps that are made of foam.  Most of these are loose and unmounted.  I store most of these in cool containers such as this one.  This set of smiley-designed containers was from a co-parent and was a gift for Sam on her birthday.  I had to swap some other stuff of mine for Sam to let go of these.  In the end, we ended up sharing it!  Some of the containers in these sets contain her stuff.

Paper bags, Dies, Embossing Folders

These wicker baskets are meant to be for magazines as part of a magazine rack ensemble.  However, I preferred to use them as containers for my paper bags, dies and embossing folders.

These baskets fit perfectly well on top of my metal shelving that’s in the middle of my room.  Thus, they are very accessible and again within reach.

Wooden Bookshelves

If you look closely, you’d recognize that my bookshelves are all different.  They are just almost the same height but barely as well.  Even the color and finish aren’t the same. I like the common fact that they are so tall that they almost reach the ceiling.  My family loves books!  Thus, we have so many that storage is a major problem.  These floor to ceiling bookshelves is a perfect fit to our needs.  I’ve put in various items like candles and various  wooden monograms and knick-knacks on some of the shelves to personalize it some more.

Wooden Monograms

Although it’s not a storage solution, I do love monogrammed letters. Obviously, the letter “L” is for Lala.  I’ve several other wooden monograms that surround my room.  These are just some of the things that make my room “my own.”

A Work-In-Progress

My craft room-home office is a constant work-in-progress.  It would change along with the events in my life.  But one thing is for sure, I love working in it.  And the precious works and memories that are built from here are things that I would cherish forever!



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