The Joys Of Parenting

I think I was born to be a Mommy. Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted to be one. I am a middle child and I’ve an older brother and a younger sister. Even when we were young I used to take charge of most of the household chores ala mommy when my parents were away at work.
Even when we had helpers, our parents trained us to be self sufficient, especially us girls. My sister Kate, Kuya Raymund and I learned how to cook rice using a rice cooker even before we went to grade school. We also helped out in the washing of dishes. My sister did the clean up and dishwashing during breakfast, I did lunch and my Kuya was in charge of dinner. We even learned how to cook. But somehow cooking is really not one of my strengths. My siblings and parents had to endure years of cooking by me when we were growing up. They didn’t have a choice.
Fast forward to year 2002 when I became a mommy for the first time. I’ve prepared for it all my life. So I told myself that this would be a breeze. And then reality set in. For a first time Mommy I think I did well. But not as well as I’ve expected.

♥ My Family ♥

♥ My Family ♥

I will share with all of you the lessons I’ve learned from preparing for baby up to caring for them till they’re in their growing up years in the hopes that it would be a useful information for those who are in the same boat now as I used to be. My eldest daughter, Samantha is now 10 years old and my youngest is Jose Luis whom we fondly call “Biboy” is now almost 3 years old.
My children are as different as opposite sides of the pole. One has ADHD and the other mild Autism. Despite all of these, my husband and I, together with all our relatives find boundless fun and true joy from them. They make me insane sometimes when they throw tantrums that every child their age does sometime or the other. But at the end of the day, when both of them are fast asleep, I always manage to sneak up on them, to kiss them both one last time for the day and thank God for these wonderful blessings!



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