The Sound of Music

I fell in love with this movie from the first time I saw it. I must have seen the movie a thousand or so times that I’ve literally memorized most of the movie. I watched it especially during times of “stress” like during exams or while doing projects while I was still in school. It kept me company and brought me joy specially when I felt down and sad.

Now, several decades after, I was able to watch it again, but this time around – the theater musical version. I was able to bring along with me my husband, daughter and niece to watch it. All three loved it as much as I did!
Samantha and Alfie, my daughter and niece, found it so wonderful that they begged me to buy them an audio CD of the musical. And so I did. On top of that, I gave them a DVD of the movie where Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer were the stars.

Last night, we were on our way home from our weekly visit to my parents’ house and we got stuck in traffic. For some weird reason, we just all started singing the songs from “The Sound of Music” and we had a blast! Am so proud of my daughter and niece. Even my almost 3-year-old son tried his best to cope up with the sing-a-long that was happening in the car.

The Sound of Music is able to traverse all boundaries – age, race, even time! Who knew that I would be able to pass on my love for the said musical onto my son, daughter and niece? The theme about love for family, country and the wonderful music that goes with it continues to inspire people from all over the world.

The all-Filipino cast, the wonderful mix of technology and traditional theater discipline, not to mention the amazing talents of the actors in the musical made me so proud of being a Filipino. Kudos to everyone who had made this possible! The musical is extended till May 27, 2012 in Resorts World Manila. I totally recommend this show for families to watch. Students get a special discount. Just show them your school ID when you buy your tickets. I know you’ll enjoy it as much as we did!



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