The New Trend – Pinoy Pick-up Lines

Buti pa ang kalendaryo – may date. Ako wala.
Sana relos na lang ako – kasi lagi mong tinitignan.
Donation ka ba? Bakit? Kasi gusto ko iaalay ang buhay ko sayo eh.

These are some of the first pick-up lines I’ve learned in Filipino. The very first ones I think I heard in English – the ones from Weird Al Yankovich’s song. This was way back in the 80s. Several decades later, pick up lines are famous again. Now I believe more famous than ever. Thanks to social media networking and mobile technology – the trend spread faster than before.

My “yayas” have been using pick up lines in almost all of their conversations with me, my children and amongst themselves lately. I must admit, I also found some of the lines funny and some I find too “corny” for my taste. Maybe it’s my age showing?

Then again, I saw several images on TV of our very own Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago delivering some really funny and witty pick-up lines as part of her speeches in different events where she was asked to be a speaker or special guest in. So, I guess it’s really something that has surpassed social classes as well as age group demographics. Young or old, rich or poor – pick up lines deliver some sort of comic relief.

So, to my own amusement – I join the band wagon and give you some more of my favorite pick up lines:

Unan ka ba?
Kasi hindi ako makatulog pag wala ka sa tabi ko eh.

Kanin ka ba?
Boring ang lahat ng ulam pag wala ka eh.

And this trend though irritating for some, brings joy and comfort to the majority of Filipino people. How about you? What’s your favorite pick up line?



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