Monthly Archives: March 2012

The New Trend – Pinoy Pick-up Lines

Buti pa ang kalendaryo – may date. Ako wala.
Sana relos na lang ako – kasi lagi mong tinitignan.
Donation ka ba? Bakit? Kasi gusto ko iaalay ang buhay ko sayo eh.

These are some of the first pick-up lines I’ve learned in Filipino. The very first ones I think I heard in English – the ones from Weird Al Yankovich’s song. This was way back in the 80s. Several decades later, pick up lines are famous again. Now I believe more famous than ever. Thanks to social media networking and mobile technology – the trend spread faster than before.

Why I Scrapbook?

SCRAPBOOKING is a creative outlet for a lot of people. It’s a means to practice and create really stunning layouts with the use of various media and techniques. I don’t consider myself a natural born artist but with the guidance and inspiration provided by really great artists in this field my love for this hobby has grown over the years.

The Sound of Music

I fell in love with this movie from the first time I saw it. I must have seen the movie a thousand or so times that I’ve literally memorized most of the movie. I watched it especially during times of “stress” like during exams or while doing projects while I was still in school. It kept me company and brought me joy specially when I felt down and sad.

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