Monthly Archives: February 2012

Speed Stacking Revisited

Speed Stacking is something that my daughter Sam fell in love with a few years back. We brought her to an event where the current world champion at that time was visiting the country – Steven Purugganan. We brought her a set of speed stacks and had it autographed by him. She practiced this for awhile but eventually her interest waned.

Then, a few weeks back, while sorting through her toys, we found her speed stacks and her fondness for the sport was revived. This time, she loved it so much that she actually wants to study earlier so she can have time to “speed stack.”

Dance Guild 2012

GCF-International Christian School Auditorium
February 17, 2012
(Grade 3 & 4)

This week was the annual Bible Week Celebration for the school and the culminating activity was a show where the Hand Mime Guild, Psalm 100 Guild and Dance Guild showed off the things they’ve learned in class.

My daughter Sam’s guild this year is Dance Guild. So, together with the other Grade 3 & 4 students of the same guild, they presented this yesterday. I was so proud of her. She danced so beautifully that I couldn’t’ believe it. For some years back she couldn’t even dance to the tune of any music. I’ve never even seen her practice at home. So, surprise, surprise!

Broadway Performance 2012 Field Demo

This year’s Field Demo theme was going Broadway in Sam’s school. Here are some of the snapshots of Sam with her classmates, friends and teachers.


Exposure – First Things First!

I’ve been into photography for awhile now. I got into it because of my passion for scrapbooking. Scrapbooking paved the way for me to appreciate taking pictures more, thus, the art of photography.

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