Samantha’s Keepsakes is MGI’s very own shopping section!  It offers the most wonderful items for everyone in the family – especially for Moms and kids!  Household items, toys, clothes, and possible gift suggestions are just some of the things that can be bought at unbelievable prices!
We know that Moms hope for the best in their child’s education. However, due to the many tasks that a Mommy has to cover on a daily basis, helping the kids to study at home is becoming a dilemma. Worksheets By Me (WBM) is a section of MGI that provides FREE worksheets to aid Mommies and other members of the family to help kids in achieving Academic Excellence!
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Anything and everything related to the joys of being a Mom! MGI will feature facts and guides on various family topics that matter most to families. Issues on discipline, health, education, and family relationships are just some of them. Testimonials from real-life situations that could provide inspiration and guidance to families who may be in the same situation will also be featured.
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A clean home is a happy home. MGI shares smart ideas to keep the home kid-friendly for the little ones, clean and organized for everybody, a sanctuary to keep you and hubby sane after a hard day’s work, and most importantly, warm and loving for the whole family to enjoy!
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Moms are simply amazing! They’re known for their wonderful knack for multi-tasking. On top of their daily schedules, they always manage to do things that they are passionate about. MGI features various Passions of different Moms. Baking, Beading, Cooking, Photography, and Scrapbooking. This section also offers tips, tricks, techniques and projects that bring sheer delight to all.
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Supermoms like us deserve a treat! That is why we giggle at the mere thought of shopping and traveling! MGI offers news on great deals and upcoming sales, reviews on products and services, tips to help you snag huge discounts and perks, and insights on how to enjoy family trips. Anything to make things easier for Moms!
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Like most Moms, Mommy Lala is a work-at-home-mom and businesswoman. In this section, MGI offers advice on how to start and manage a business at home. It will also feature tips and techniques on wise spending and investing. Mommy Lala will also share her combined learning from the school of hard-knocks and MBA school in order to mentor Mommies on becoming more productive through business, whether they are stay-at-home moms or working moms.
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When problems arise, we always seek our Mom’s advice. MGI is more than willing to listen and help you find solutions to your concerns. We’ll get professionals to help us dish out expert advice too. Send us an e-mail and we will do our best to help you out.


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Eventually, MGI will be providing seminars, events, trainings and workshops for Mommies and families who are interested in improving their knowledge and skills to help enhance the quality of their family’s life. From Parenting to Arts and Crafts, the topics can be as varied as all the Mommies out there!
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